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YUDEL is the latest Jewish rock project from award winning songwriter and Broadway performer Matt Wolpe
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8 Different Presents 8 Different Nights

(A fun, silly, twangy Chanukah Song)

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Oseh ShalomYUDEL
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Yudel Is Modern Jewish Rock. Connecting music, liturgy, and spirituality.

Lead Singer, award winning songwriter, educator, and Broadway performer Matt Wolpe, brings Jewish rock to new heights. Yudel combines; Folk, Rock, and Americana with a shtickle of Broadway into relatable modern Judaism. For over 20 years Wolpe has entertained and educated the Jewish Community and beyond. His soaring vocals, insightful lyrics, and spiritual melodies have connected congregations, camps, and audiences all over the country. Spending his formative years as a NFTY Songleader and Synagogue Music Director he is a big believer in understanding what you are singing. Effortlessly switching between Hebrew and English Yudel helps us understand the text and teachings of the Torah. All of us at Yudel Music are very excited to bring our music and messages to your community! 

-Concerts (Solo, Full Rock Band, Broadway Favorites)


-Services (Rock Shabbat, Intimate Acoustic, classics)

-Songwriting Workshops

-Hebrew School Programs - Mini Musicals


-Improv Workshops - Holidays


-Artist in Residence and more…

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